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All the employees that I dealt with were friendly helpful & very professional. The installation was quick and efficient. Going upstairs no longer causes my back & knees to ache.
Peggy Shockley
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I have wanted to go downstairs for 2 years, I love knowing if the weather gets bad; I have a place to go.
Anna Kisix
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Since I've had the acorn stair lift install, it has been easier on my legs hips & joints, Made accessing my second floor living area, an adventure not a chore. Prior to installation of my Acorn Stair lift going up & down my stairs was a real challenge the past several years Thank youfor making my life more enjoyable again.
Richard Edgar
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Wife has Alzheimer disease Difficulty seeing. Was getting harder & harder to climb & discend 16 steps each day was stressful to both of us. Stairlift is easy to use. She can control the device herself and is proud that she can do something herself. She is getting more comfortable each day. The steps are no longer a problem for her. The installer did a great job.
Raymond Popielski
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Great service, employees understand product and what he individual needs are, outstanding product.

Sammuel P Belsito Jr

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Both your sales representative and your installer were excellent. I think my family feels more secure about my going up and down the stairs. It is also easier for me to get bigger or heavier items up or down!!!

Nancy Varnum

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Initial fears dissipated after using for a week. Joy in helping through a painful time. Insurance for two more upcoming surgeries. Not having to sell our home because of stairs. IT all has become a one level home.

Christine Czarny

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After my husband suffered a stroke, our son researched stairlifts and called several companies and chose acorn because they were the one that could it installed the quickest. We were happy with the sales person, and the fact that it could be installed so soon. The install person was very polite and knowledgeable, the job was done neatly and was demonstrated well. We are happy with the look of the stairlift and the ease of use.

John Hoermle

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Everyone I dealt with at Acorn by phone or in person was wonderful and we love your chair. It is making a huge difference in our quality of life.

Jo Ann Platt

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In short time we have had it. Its has been a blessing!

Pat Johnson

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