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Stairlift Service and Repair

A Perfect Product Requires Perfect Stairlift Service

The entire production is accompanied by strict, ongoing quality controls. Even after leaving the factory, Acorn stairlifts are only looked after by our specially-trained technicians who provide comprehensive service throughout the United States. We call this the stress-free stairlift service.

We call it this because once you have an Acorn stairlift, you will never want to be without it or Acorn’s amazing services again.

Regular Stairlift Repair and Maintenance to Prolong Your Lift’s Life

As with every item of everyday use, it cannot be completely ruled out that there will be some wear and tear during its service life. The best prevention against this is an annual inspection. Acorn’s service technicians check all components and make any stairlift repairs or replace any of the parts, if necessary.

However, should problems arise in between annual inspections, our service technicians are always on call nearby to quickly ensure that you are mobile again!

"Perfect staircase evaluation. Installation was seamless. Great product."
Dick Watson, Irvine, California

Guaranteed Assurance With Acorn's Coverage Options

In order to keep possible future prices as low as possible, Acorn offers additional coverage options to ensure the lift’s longevity with low-cost maintenance for our customers. This means that you are prepared for any eventuality, and all future costs are covered under your plan. Everything is included, from simple maintenance to replacing parts. Give Acorn Stairlifts a call to find out more about protecting your stairlift and wallet with a coverage option today!

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Benefits of Our Acorn Coverage Options

This is what is included when you choose to invest in one of the Acorn aftercare packages:

  • Yearly maintenance
  • 24-hour breakdown assistance
  • Priority attention
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Acorn's Included 12-Month Manufacturer's Guarantee

Every new Acorn stairlift comes with a comprehensive 12-month Manufacturer's Guarantee as standard, beginning from the date on which your stairlift is installed.

Aftercare & Warranty