Stairlift installer putting together a stairlift in home

Stairlift Installation

Our Acorn Stairlift Installation Process

As an Acorn customer, you experience benefits beyond our stairlift service technicians. Acorn stairlifts are not only delivered and installed by stairlift experts, but they are tailor-made for your unique homes by our expert technicians. Our innovative rail module system guarantees quick installation without the mess.

For you, this means that you will be able to use your stairlift just a few days after placing your order. Acorn knows that life is unpredictable and may call for emergency situations. In particularly urgent cases, the stairlift may even be installed on the day after the order is placed.

Whether your stairs are straight and short or long and winding, thanks to Acorn’s modern technology, installation time is cut back to a few hours, even with more complicated stair constructions. Our individual rail elements are designed to adapt perfectly to the course of your individual staircase.

"Installer was very respectful of me and my home. He did a very neat job! Bravo on all your team !!"

Judy Brazeal

During the final step of the stairlift installation process, the on-site stairlift installer thoroughly checks all of the functions and features of the lift in order to guarantee you a smooth, perfect ride every time. Acorn's stairlift installers will only leave your house once you feel confident with your new lift and familiar with how it works. From the first test drive, you will have first-hand experience of what it means to reclaim your life and reach new heights.

Even after Acorn Stairlifts has left your home, our stairlift installers are always on standby to best serve you and address all questions or concerns. Acorn is always just one call away with unmatched customer service, available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Acorn has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stairlifts for decades for a reason — by promising life-changing lifts that are cutting-edge, user-friendly, and exported to more than 80 countries worldwide.
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Acorn’s Unique Rail Module System

Stairlift installation technician putting rail together for stairlift

All elements adapt precisely to the course of the stair, all thanks to the genius of Acorn’s unique, rail module system. The sections are strung together so that our fitted rail flows perfectly with your staircase. Because of this exciting innovation, stairlift installation only takes a few hours, even with a more complicated stair construction.

FastTrack® Installation
Stairlift expert using wrench to tighten rail to the stairs

Stairlift Installation Directly to the Stairs, NEVER the Wall

Acorn stairlifts are mounted directly to the stairs, rather than the wall. This ensures that the structure and style of your home will never be compromised. Tedious drilling or plastering work that leaves behind annoying dirt and debris is no longer necessary. All that is needed for power is a nearby socket so new lines will not have to be laid.