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Acorn 130

Straight Stairlift

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Perfect for Straight Stairs:
  • Slim Design for narrow stairs
  • Fast delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Now offering the monitoring system for your Acorn Stairlift
  • 12-month Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • Outdoor option available
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Acorn 180

Curved Stairlift

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The Innovation for Curved Stairs:
  • Designed specifically for winding stairs
  • Fast delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Now offering the monitoring system for your Acorn Stairlift
  • 12-month Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Perfect custom-fit thanks to the unique Acorn FastTrack® system

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Stairlifts: From Manufacturing to Installation

Acorn has remained one of the world’s leading stairlift manufacturers for decades, and we are proud to be one of the few stairlift companies that manufactures our own stairlifts in house. All models are manufactured in our own factories by stairlift experts, going through extensive, independent testing procedures.

Acorn does this because we want to be able to look our customers in the eye and tell them that they are getting the safest and highest-quality stairlift with full confidence. When you choose Acorn, you will never have to worry about the quality, where your stairlift came from, or who manufactured it.

From the strict standards we adhere to during manufacturing, to our superior stairlift servicing within your home, Acorn Stairlifts is hands-on throughout the entire process to ensure our customers are getting what they deserve—only the best.

All Acorn Stairlifts are produced exclusively in European factories, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards including EN 81‑40:2008 or ISO 9836-2:2000.

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Stay in the Home You Love

Perhaps the greatest challenge threatening your quality of life is your limited mobility and independence. For many, the staircase in their home can be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Few people want to go through the stressful process of moving out of the home they love.

For this reason, the addition of a stairlift to your home is the ultimate solution— it’s popular, practical, and cost-effective. A high-quality stairlift tailored to your individual needs and home can help you rise above your staircase obstacle and reach new heights. From reclaiming your independence to being able to remain in the home you love, Acorn stairlift owners’ quality of life is drastically improved with our life-changing lifts.

Discover how different medical conditions can benefit from a stairlift

The Newest Stairlift Safety Feature

Acorn is proud to launch the ground-breaking StairSafe monitoring system for your Acorn Stairlift. This one-of-a-kind, additional feature will monitor the activity of your stairlift, providing you and your family with peace of mind.

The StairSafe system consists of a small module installed in your Acorn Stairlift which monitors the location, journey, and usage. All this data feeds back to StairSafe HQ, where if an error is detected, we'll notify you. StairSafe can ease some worries about safety and the possibility of having to pay for maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to get all your stairlift questions answered.

What is the best stairlift?

Depending on your needs, Acorn can assess your unique situation to ensure you get the perfect stairlift for you. Each model of stairlift suits each person’s different needs. Whether you choose the curve models, standing models, comfortable seated indoor or outdoor models, Acorn will find the best one for you.

How long does it take to install an Acorn stairlift?

Depending on the structure of your stairs and home, it may vary in the amount of time for the Acorn stairlift model's installation. Acorn knows how valuable your time is, so we wouldn’t dare waste it. When your Acorn stairlift is made to fit the exact dimensions of your home, it can take less than an hour to install. Although stairlifts with more bends, twists, and curves may take a bit longer to install, here at Acorn, we are known for our quick, efficient, and unmatched service. No matter the staircase, installation will always be as fast as possible to get you and your lift up and running.

Before the Acorn installer leaves your home, they will always ensure that the stairlift has been extensively tested. Furthermore, they will demonstrate all of the stairlift’s functions to you--this ensures that you are absolutely satisfied with their service and are familiar with the lift’s operation. We are not rude house guests. Acorn makes sure to leave the home as clean and tidy as it was before.

What types of coverage does Acorn offer?

Your Acorn Stairlifts purchase comes with a full 12-month coverage. In the event that any component fails due to a manufacturing defect during the first year, Acorn will send one of our fully-trained service technicians to restore your stairlift to full-operating condition, free of charge.

Once that first year is over, we offer a range of different coverage options that meet your budget to continue receiving our stellar, stairlift service. Remember, although an Acorn stairlift is an extremely reliable piece of equipment, no product is immune to the wear and tear that comes with daily use. Acorn stairlifts are manufactured to the hold up to the world’s most stringent standards, even exceeding the requirements with our innovative engineering and unmatchable service. This coverage plan guarantees the preservation of your stairlift’s safety, reliability and technical excellence. Why not contact us today and let us advise you on the best coverage options for your needs?

How much does a stairlift cost?

Because of the many factors that go into your stairlift cost, you should contact Acorn for a free quote to find out the most accurate price you will expect to pay. However, generally curved stairlifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts due to their unique bends, twists, and curves. All of Acorn's stairlifts are customized to fit your particular staircases and needs so your stairlift price will reflect all of the specifications of your unique situation. After your home survey, (free, of course) our knowledgeable surveyor will give a definitive stairlift price so there will not be any unexpected surprises coming your way.

Is the stairlift easy to use?

We can say that the stairlift is easy to use with great confidence because Acorn Stairlifts is the only stairlift company in the world to earn the “Ease-Of-Use Commendation” from the Arthritis Foundation. With Acorn’s common-sense controls and remote control that includes only two self-explaining buttons, our stairlift’s simple and straightforward design allows everyone to use it with ease.

Guide to Buying a Stairlift

Check out our buyer’s guide for assistance with finding the perfect stairlift for you and your loved ones.

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Pricing Guide

All of Acorn's stairlifts are customized to fit your particular staircases and needs so your stairlift price will reflect all of the specifications of your unique situation.

Stairlift Pricing Guide