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Stairlift Maintenance & Servicing

Once you've discovered how an Acorn Stairlift can make your life so much easier and how it helps you enjoy your home to the fullest, you'll want to make sure it is always kept in good condition and full working order. That’s where our stairlift repairs and servicing come in.

Stairlift Maintenance
  • Check Icon Annual stairlift maintenance
  • Check Icon Highly-trained and trusted technicians
  • Check Icon 12-month Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Custom-Fit Stairlift Installation, Specially Tailored to Your Stairs Within a Few Days

Each stairlift is made to fit your unique home and staircases. Installation is stress and mess-free. A certified installer (all required to have extensive background checks and clean records) will come out to your home as soon as your stairlift is ready for installation. Acorn Stairlifts climbs over all obstacles, working tirelessly so that you don’t have to. We are honored to be by your side throughout your entire journey, helping you reach new heights as you continue to climb.

Stairlift Installation
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Quick, Mess-Free Installation

Acorn stairlifts are always attached directly to your staircase and never to the wall so you will never have to worry about messy modifications that compromise the structure or style of your beloved home.

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Simple, Self-Explanatory Stairlift Use

Our stairlifts are user-friendly so that you don’t have to stress every time you use the stairs. With just a slight touch of a button in the direction you want to go, you’re on your way to your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if your question is answered here? Our FAQ Page answers all your stairlift questions.

Do I need to renovate after installing my Acorn stairlift?

The Acorn stairlift attaches to your staircase rather than the wall, minimizing disruption to your home and eliminating unsightly repairs.

Our expert technicians will install, test, and demonstrate how your stairlift works, leaving your home just as clean as you found it.

How much does it cost to install a stairlift?

The price of your Acorn stairlift is determined based on the various factors of your personal requirements. Each stairlift is custom-made to fit our customers’ needs.

Does it take a long time to install a stairlift?

1 to 2 hours is the typical time that it takes to install an Acorn stairlift. However, with a more complex installation, it can take about 4 to 5 hours. You will be guided through the simple controls of your Acorn stairlift by the technician after installation.

Can a stairlift be shortened?

Most Acorn stairlifts can be shortened, but this must be carried out by an Acorn-approved engineer. This will ensure the safety and continued reliability of the product.

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